Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Griff Misses Herself Too On New Single

Sarah Griffiths, who goes by the stage name Griff, is a British pop music artist who has been growing in popularity, collaborating with musicians such as Honne and Sigrid and winning The Brit Rising Star award back in 2021. 

‘Miss Me Too’ is the new single from Griff's new album ‘vertigo vol 2’, to be released April 5 2024. 

Miss Me Too’ is an upbeat electro-pop hit that's “about unexpectedly losing important relationships in your life, growing out of adolescence and desperately searching for a version of yourself that felt things and believed the best in people”, Griff says. 

It's a sad bop, making listeners want to dance whilst also being an introspective song exploring themes of change and moving on. 

This song reflects well on heartbreak, growing up and feeling disconnected to who you once were and wanting to “find a way back”. It features punchy drums, a synthy bass, guitar riffs sprinkled throughout and Griff's beautiful vocals at the forefront of the song. 

The track builds sonically throughout, starting minimally, developing through the pre chorus, and then combining all the instrumental elements together at the chorus. The second verse adds more instruments, texture, and backing vocals, adding to the emotion and intensity of the song. Griff’s vocals are powerful whilst being breathy, fitting this intensity and feeling of the track perfectly. 

Griff brilliantly captures the feeling of missing a past self whilst catering to her distinct sound, and gives an exciting preview into her upcoming album.

Emily Bundock


Image: ‘Miss Me Too’ Official Single Cover

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