Friday, March 01, 2024

Indie Rock With a Country Twang The Simpletons Release ‘Cold In The Daylight’

The five-piece outfit The Simpletons has dropped their latest track, 'Cold In The Daylight'. Initially oozing with indie vibes, the song reveals subtle country undertones upon closer inspection and with each listen.

The Simpletons, originally an indie/alternative rock band from the early 1990s led by Australian Nathan Fynn, underwent a revival in 2021 when Nathan and Brian McMurtry reignited their musical collaboration after three decades. 

Despite being 9000 miles and 16 time zones apart, they utilised endless video calls and separate studios to compose their first works. With Marty Willson-Piper, a seasoned guitarist serving as executive producer, they crafted a highly anticipated EP.  In 2023, original member Scotty Mac returned on bass guitar, and lifelong friend Kari Grant Campbell joined the band.

‘Cold In The Daylight’  starts with a unique, shimmering guitar riff that gently builds up with a powerful, resonant vocal, adding a slight beat. Which beat is then suddenly accompanied by a surge of energy as the instrumentals come alive. A lively drumbeat takes centre stage, supported by flawless guitar arrangements that harmonise beautifully, creating a country-like twang while Nathan and Brian's vocals intertwine to create a captivating melody. 

Kari's vocals emerge softly and ethereally, providing a stark contrast to Nathan's resonant tones, adding layers of melody and depth to 'Cold In The Daylight' creating a bittersweet but heartwarming feeling.  

The Simpletons have crafted an exquisite single with 'Cold In The Daylight', employing a straightforward yet captivating musical arrangement that seamlessly combines genres to enchant their listeners from start to finish.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Cold In The Daylight’ Official Single Cover

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