Friday, March 01, 2024

Irish Ruffians Cardinals Confirm Their Promising Popularity With Their Latest Single ‘Unreal’

Unapologetically fuelled by the idle swagger of that Britpop Era success, Irish ruffians Cardinals have released their new single, ‘Unreal’ to further support the buzz that surrounds them. Signed to So Young Records in November 2023, the band's first single, ‘Roseland’, contributed emphatically to their evident popularity, offering a glimpse of their eclectic sound through an achingly familiar boyish charm. 

While ‘Roseland’ flailed in the arms of a mature sound not quite befitting their youthful appearance, their new single ‘Unreal’ only proves to provide unfailing confirmation of their attempts to ardently embrace their newfound acclaim.

Opening with a rummaging cry of feedback, the track erupts into a buoyant and dainty lilt that’s still littered with the band's refreshing melodic finesse. Although void of the incredible textures we can observe on tracks like ‘The Brow’ and ‘Amsterdam’, there is an evident pop-like intuition that corrals this track into a captivating finish. 

Cardinals are wickedly stepping into the realms of musical sensibility, and I feel ‘Unreal’ only proves testament to their brilliantly evolving aesthetic. Although it may be unfair to compare Cardinal’s sound to any other opposing forces, it is impressive to see that their uncanny musical resemblance to alternative bands like Yo La Tengo, and Echo And The Bunnymen, provides an incredibly refreshing   look at how such memorable sonic decisions are finding their way into modern hits. If you get a chance to see them on their tour this May, I am confident that their music will continue to delight your eardrums with a charming incandescent grit and youthful charm.

Ewan Bourne


Image: ‘Unreal’ Official Single Cover

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