Sunday, March 03, 2024

From April Gloom to May Bloom: Khruangbin's 'May Ninth'

Picture yourself lounging on a porch, the gentle lapping of water in your ears, a soft breeze teasing your senses, and the sun casting its golden glow like a warm hug. That's the serene sensation evoked by Khruangbin's latest sonic offering, ‘May Ninth’.

Following in the footsteps of their enchanting predecessor ‘Love International’  this track encapsulates the anticipation of April's showers giving way to May's blossoming flowers. It's a musical journey through time, where patience becomes a vessel for memories and reflections, reminiscent of their poignant piece ‘So We Won't Forget’

Khruangbin devotees have been eagerly awaiting this release, hungry for more of the band's signature blend of psychedelic hues, Ethiopian influences, and soulful funk. With ‘May Ninth’ it appears the trio is delving deeper into introspection, embracing a more acoustic essence that resonates with profound authenticity.

As the temperatures rise, so does Khruangbin's itinerary, with a bustling summer schedule ahead. Fans can anticipate catching the band live on their North American tour, and for those seeking the ultimate festival experience, mark your calendars for their appearances at Coachella, Boston Calling, Bonnarooas, and beyond. It's shaping up to be a summer filled with soul-stirring melodies and transcendent performances, courtesy of Khruangbin.

Imani Edwards


Image: ‘May Ninth’ Official Single Cover

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