Sunday, March 03, 2024

The Driver Era Fight The Temptation To Check Up On A Past Love On ‘Get Off My Phone’

Following a busy period including the recent drop of their debut live album ‘Live At The Greek’, their single ‘Rumors’, and lead singer Ross Lynch’s appearance in Troye Sivan’s music video for ‘One of Your Girls’The Driver Era starts off 2024 with their new pop-rock single ‘Get Off My Phone’. The track has been highly anticipated by fans since brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch shared multiple snippets of the single on their social media platforms. 

The song opens with Ross’ warm, soft vocals as he mourns his past love. In the background, a guitar riff blends with his voice and a drum beat, building up the song’s pace and energy leading to the chorus. 

With its pop-punk-rock fusion along with Ross’s powerful and controlled voice, ‘Get Off My Phone’ not only delivers and evokes a sense of nostalgia, but also explores the theme of moving on from a past relationship through its lyrics. The song delves into the urge to resist the temptation of checking up on someone who is no longer part of your life: “Get off my phone / Leave me alone / Don’t wanna think of all the ways that we went wrong / I can’t resist / What hell is this?”.

With its nostalgic sound, powerful melody, gentle vocals, and compelling lyrics - such as “Finally, I washed your perfume off of my sheets / Threw out all your records reminding me / Moved out of the Hollywood Hills / Where we fell in love / Damn, I feel it still” - 'Get Off My Phone' sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting year ahead for the duo. Is a new studio album from The Driver Era in the works? 



Amanda Diniz


Image: ‘Get Off My Phone’ Official Single Cover


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