Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Teasing Latest EP, L’objectif Give Us A Taste Of What’s To Come With Single ‘Puppy’

L’objectif, formed in Leeds, has created immense success since its debut EP in 2017. The band started off as a duo comprising Saul Kane and Louis Bullock, before recruiting a guitarist and bassist, Dan Richardson and Ezra Glennon and has since grown rapidly into one of the top indie-rock artists of this generation.

Ahead of its upcoming EP ‘The Left Side’, L’objectif has released its first single of the year, ‘Puppy’. A happy, catchy tune to kick off 2024. Brought along with a brand new video from the band, speaking on it, the frontman stated, “With a song like ‘Puppy’ it seemed obvious that we would have to get dogs involved for the video”. Of course, not about dogs, the song holds true perfectly to the phrase of personal guilt, “So don’t you give me those puppy eyes”. Sweet and innocent with a cute concept, the video definitely attracts an audience. 

Despite this being the first single released for the EP, frontman Saul Kane told DORK magazine, “This song was the last song written on the EP and was finished relatively quickly”.  A real blessing, the music and vocals effortlessly flow into a perfect hit.

Compared to other songs released from the band, ‘Puppy’ definitely has its own sound, more indie, less rock than ‘The Dance You Sell’ or ‘ITSA’, for example. It has a Scouting for Girls, early-00’s vibe, like something out of a coming of age film. 

Anna Scrimgeour


Image: ‘Puppy’ Official Single Cover

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