Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Red Rum Club Release Heartfelt 'Hole In My Home'

The increasingly popular Liverpudlian group Red Rum Club have recently unveiled their latest hard-hitting anthem called ‘Hole In My Home’

The sextet were formed back in 2016 and have hit the ground running recently with previous singles such as ‘Godless’ and ‘Undertaker’. 

Backed by the mesmeric addition of a solitary trumpet, their sound channels different Western music genres to create their own unique sound.

The track starts with an upbeat tempo, a chirpy guitar melody, and a drumbeat that pushes the song from start to finish. The opening line “Life is unexpected and short / Blink and then it passes you by” hits home about life and how it is too short not to live in the moment and embrace the present because nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.

The chorus “Hole in my home” is guaranteed to resonate with its audience of all ages as it pushes a narrative concerned with embracing loved ones and making the most of today without trying to place too much worry and strain on what tomorrow will bring. Their latest offering has already reached a wider audience and attracted much-deserved attention as they start the New Year with a bang. 

Antony Bailey  

Image: 'Hole In My Home'  Official Single Cover

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