Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes Enticingly Emphasise ‘Self Love’ On New Single

English punk rock band Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes have been rocking the music scene for the last seven years, and bring more excitement to listeners with every release. 

From fast-paced and rowdy live shows to extremely exciting musical creations, the group are famous for their intensity and the incredible energy they bring to their art. This reputation leaves fans with great anticipation for their upcoming 2024 tour.

Recently, the band released their new single ‘Self Love’, a track that fuses the idea of loving ourselves with stepping back and realising the great wonders of the universe. It begins with a strong, powerful and fervent beat that wastes no time in adhering to the band's notorious punk sound. 

Almost immediately after we first hear this guitar riff from lead guitarist Dean RichardsonFrank Carter sings “I wonder who you’ve helped today / I wonder who you helped to smile the pain away / As you do”. Utilising such personal and intimate pronouns, the song immediately captures the attention of all that listen, whilst balancing the pain that comes with realising how much self-neglect accompanies putting so much energy into everyone else. This surprisingly beautiful message follows the single through until the very end, with its emotional peak in the chorus - “If I ever fall in love again / Let me love myself” - lyrics accompanied by a heavy instrumental to really pinpoint the true importance of this message. 

In an age where so many of us feel unsure about ourselves regularly, fans are absolutely loving this new release from the band. The breathtakingly phenomenal guitar riff as the song enters its final half allows us to feel empowered to adhere to what Carter sings about - putting effort into ourselves before it all goes to others.  

Listening to a track with this message in the emerging era of self-confident individuals, the band musically solidifies the idea of how important our own happiness is - and how detrimental neglecting our own needs and attitudes can be.

Whilst the universe will provide us with what we need as a society, it’s up to us to find the self-love we deserve. 

Abby Tapping 


Image: ‘Self-Love’ Official Single Cover

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