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‘PRATTS & PAIN’ By Royel Otis: A Uniquely Profound Debut Album Filled With Flourishing Eccentric Indie Bops

There has never been a more electrifying time for Royel Otis as they release their highly anticipated debut album ‘PRATTS & PAIN’. 

Royel Maddel and Otis Pavlovic have been bouncing in success for the past two years since the release of their truly magic and addictive single ‘Oysters In My Pocket’ which has reached over 40 million listens on Spotify. And with their recent cover of Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ for Triple J’s ‘Like a Version’ going viral, Royel Otis are on a journey of much deserved admiration for their incredible musical talents.

Royel and Otis moved to London to work alongside esteemed producer Dan Carey and the gift they created is ‘PRATTS & PAIN’, named after their favourite pub in Streatham where they took to Instagram to share with fans that they would tell Carey ‘‘‘Just give us half an hour, we’re popping to Pratts & Payne’’, where they’d have a pint and get some lyrics down’.’’

This album is a perfected beauty of music and the sound they seamlessly create. The album opens with previously released singles ‘Adored’ and ‘Fried Rice’ before venturing into their latest single ‘Foam’. A track that contains bassy grooves provided by Maddel combined with the soothing vocals of Pavlovic fabricating a beautiful introduction to the rest of the record.

Continuing in to this boppy gloriosity of a record, our ears welcome a synth filled bustling track full of whimsical keyboard and distinct Royel Otis vocals. ‘Sonic Blue’ lets the listener delve in and out of fast and slow beats making you feel weightless and dreamy, proving that their ability to create such a variety of sounds that uniquely blend flawlessly is an unbelievable gift they hold.

Another fine example of their capacity to explore different atmospheres of noise is in their track ‘Molly’. A piece of music that contains that distinctive Royel Otis noise of ever-changing rhythms fused with recognisable vocals and guitar, yet they travel through a slower, deeper sound creating an eery and suspenseful environment.

As the record plays, it continues to supply our ears with outstandingly impeccable indie resonance. ‘Daisy Chain’ features psychedelic notes followed by the vigorous and boppy ‘Glory to Glory’. A constant throughout ‘PRATTS & PAIN’ is its attention to detail. You can hear the thought and care behind every note of every instrument and vocal in every track to make this record perfectly exquisite.

The finale of this celestial debut holds a strong and fun track in ‘Big Ciggie’ which vibrates through your eardrums as a big celebration of their music featuring shouts from both Roy and Otis throughout, as well as a tune which sounds like a group of mates having a well-established jam.

A debut album that is as astounding and shockingly beautiful as ‘PRATTS & PAIN’ is hard to come by these days. Royel Otis have created a debut record that carries their unparalleled musical geniuses sublimely whilst still discovering new ways of creating such a distinctive and profound genre of their own.

Alice Mason

@alicemxson // @alicegoestogigs

Image: ‘PRATTS & PAIN’ Official Album Cover

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