Thursday, February 22, 2024

Holly Humberstone Opens Her 2024 Account With ‘Dive’

Holly Humberstone burst onto the scene back in 2020, with her debut singe ‘Deep End’ introducing the world to her unique pop-rock sound. Since then she has released two albums and a handful of singles.

In keeping with the swimming theme, listeners are invited to ‘Dive’ into her latest 2024 single entitled, well ‘Dive’

Centred around an acoustic guitar, this latest cut from the 24 year old includes all of the hallmark Holly Humberstone features, booming drums command the track, with alternating synths and stunning backing vocals bringing real depth to the mix.

Humberstone’s iconic vocals are once again the star of this track, whilst her lyrics are emotive yet clever. Her singing style is rather quiet, almost whisper like in parts, almost forcing the listener to lean in closer and really listen to each lyric in detail.

She sings of the struggles of diving into a relationship, and how it may be her who is the difficult one in the relationship. During the pre-chorus she sings: “So I'm told I killed the mood, I only darken every room I'm in / If you can't face the fact, go ahead, And baby, dive in”

At almost four minutes long, this track flies by and has peaks and troughs that keep the listener both entertained as well as engaged. This is a solid start to 2024 for Holly Humberstone.

Image: ‘Dive' Official Single Cover

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