Saturday, February 24, 2024

Honesty, Melancholy And Reflection - Join The Journey Of Thoughts And Memories of Waxahatchee with 'Bored'

The new single by Waxahatchee, 'Bored' is an expression of the weariness that often comes with modern existence “Cause my spine's a rotted two-by-four / Barely hanging on / My benevolence just hits the floor / I get borеd”. It delves into reflective thoughts and emotions with deep honesty and instant energy. 

Waxahatchee takes you into a world of memories, yet these are images of anxiety and disillusionment. Her tone is full of angst and concern, she tries many ways to occupy her mind and find what will bring her pleasure, yet it does not come. 

With each verse, she creates vivid images that take the listener into her world of nostalgia and self-discovery. The lyrics are introspective and easy to embody “Armed with a memory / Surely will stay with me / Fragments of misery”, which allows the listener to encourage their own personal reflections as well as feelings of dissatisfaction and longing for something more.

The mix of folk and indie rock that the track creates is a compilation of melodic guitars and driving percussion. Combined with the singer's emotive statement, the overall melody and captivating voice create a sonic landscape that is as engaging as it is evocative. 

Despite its melancholic tone, the melody is very positive and catchy. It makes you join the singer in feeling her journey of thoughts and distant memories that have triggered this state of boredom and dissatisfaction. 'Bored' sets the reminder tone to encompass the full spectrum of human experience, even moments of boredom and longing. This inspiring track is part of the upcoming album - ‘Tigers Blood’ - look forward to what is yet to come this March! 

Karolina Bartosik


Image: 'Bored' Official Single Cover

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