Sunday, February 18, 2024

Patrick Doval Makes An Exhilarating Comeback With ‘Back Home (Featuring Pete Parada)’

After a fairly eclectic string of projects spanning the last couple decades with tracks inspired by acts like Jeff BeckDepeche Mode and Joy Division, Miami’s own Patrick Doval roars back into action with his new single ‘Back Home (Featuring Pete Parada)’, which is all about trying to find a place to land on your feet after feeling lost in the world. 

Right out of the gate we are hit with a thunderous, fuzzed out guitar part before breaking into a pounding drum and bass groove, all of which culminating in a classic Strokes-esque lead riff. The first verse begins with a direct commentary on the narrator's current state: “Hey I’ve been trying to find my way back home, and I don’t know where else to go / I’ve been feeling so lost every single day, this world feels so cold today”.

The swooping chorus sees Patrick asking a woman to help him navigate said isolated situation, before instrumentally carrying us back into the verses. The second verse builds on this idea of needing an escape from the mundanity and isolation of the modern world, with its references to feeling like one is sleeping in, moving through monotonous motions, and living through Groundhog Day. This section then melds seamlessly into a chorus-drenched, evocative guitar solo after the second chorus. One would be remiss to not discuss the meta quality this song takes on as not only a reflection of Patrick’s desire to feel connected to the world but also as a direct message to the industry about carving and solidifying a space for himself within it, making the emotions that come through on the track that much more palpable and relatable.

This track is an easy sell for anyone who’s a fan of no-wave, punk, and the early 2000s garage rock revival. If you enjoy this song, Patrick's past albums are definitely worth going back and giving a listen to as well.

Kenneth Butcher


Image: 'Back Home' Official Single Cover

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