Saturday, February 17, 2024

A Song Of Love and Loss: ‘PETALS’ By Wotts

Wotts, the Ottawa-based indie pop duo, makes a timely return for Valentine's Day with their vibrant new single, 'PETALS'. This track delves into the theme of unrequited love, exploring its vulnerabilities amidst a delightful blend of fast-paced instrumentals and clever contrasts. 

'PETALS' was helmed by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jayem. The title track wraps up their latest EP, where each song focuses on a new take of unreciprocated feelings - and a sudden wave of those feelings - with melancholic undertones yet in a surprisingly upbeat manner.

Told through various sonic contradictions that create a surge of lively instrumentals, a powerful drumbeat and a cumbersome bass line seamlessly blend with soft twinkles in the form of synths and velvet-like vocals. 

This contrasting musical arrangement melds and creates depth and texture within the song and evokes a contemplative mood with a touch of hopefulness. The lyrics “Run away, D.O.A, everything’ll be ok. Pluck another petal what you gonna say? I don’t know, gotta wait” further adds to this vulnerability but also shrugs off these deep-rooted feelings.

‘PETALS’ is a single that is full of complexities in its simplest form. Effectively using juxtaposition to highlight melancholy in an upbeat way is baffling but pulled off effortlessly. Wotts have truly showcased their talent with this single, serving as a compelling invitation to dive into the ‘PETALS’ EP without hesitation. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Petals’ Official Single Cover

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