Sunday, February 18, 2024

No One Can Try To Resist Victoria Justice’s New Single ‘Tripped’

If you haven’t heard, Victoria Justice has started the year by releasing a new pop song, ‘Tripped’.

Her new song delves into the intricate dynamics of navigating romantic feelings, both an attempt to suppress them and the inevitable experience of falling in love unintentionally.

With its stirring instrumental backing, the tune beautifully captures the gradual realisation of being ensnared by love. 

The light guitar strumming, gentle synths, and a bass line that mimics the flutter and rush of a heartbeat that we are all familiar with when we’re around a person we cannot get enough of. This song could not have come out at any better time, the day before Valentine’s Day—strategic planning by Victoria and her team. Undeniably, this song becomes an anthem for those surprised by finding love, especially in a dating scene that has recently earned a negative reputation. The track unfolds the experience of being in the dating scene but “not looking for anything”, while in reality, deep down, we want to be swept up into someone. Yet, it needs to be the right someone.

‘Tripped’ offers a poignant opportunity for both single listeners and those in a relationship to contemplate the romantic landscapes they envision. It gently invites introspection into the allure of a slow-burning love story, or prompts reflection on transformative moments when one stumbled and found themselves enraptured by their partner.

It’s incredible to see Justice returning to the music scene after time away. In 2021, she did a duet with Spencer Sutherland, ‘Home’ on the film Afterlife of the Party, in which she starred. Two years later, two singles followed: ‘Last Man Standing’ and ‘Only A Stranger’, and an EP, 'Big Girls Don’t Cry'. Knowing that Victoria is proactively creating music again, we’re excited to see how she steps into the pop scene. We can see the artist positioning herself with her pop peers such as Madison Beer, Sabrina Carpenter, and Dylan! Victoria Justice is making herself known and ready to break out to be the pop artist that we all know that she is. ‘Tripped’ puts her in a place that separates her from the early Victorious days and shows that she is more than what meets the eye. 

With this in mind, an early-year release tells us that there’s more brewing behind the scenes. Are we going to have a new EP or, perhaps, a debut album? Time will tell, and we’ll be patient for the outcome. 

Tyra Baker 


Image: ‘Tripped’ Official Single Cover 

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