Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Palaye Royale Show Their Vulnerable Side On New EP 'Songs For Sadness'

The intimidatingly cool Palaye Royale are back only one month after their latest release, with its new EP ‘Songs For Sadness’, in which the listener gets a glimpse into the softer and more vulnerable side of the three brothers.

‘Songs For Sadness’ sees Palaye Royale stray away from their usual gritty and fiery heavy rock sound and into a slow and melancholic direction in which you will find yourself falling into a trance while listening.

The self-proclaimed fashion-art rock band is composed of three brothers, lead singer Remington Leith, guitarist Sebastian Danzig, and drummer Emerson Barrett. The band formed back in 2008 and has since gained somewhat of a cult following for its unique style and innovative music techniques that challenge the normal conventions of rock. ‘Songs For Sadness’ is just another example of how the brothers continue to push the boundaries of rock and metal.

From the first track, titled ‘umakemenotwannadie’, it is clear that this is not a usual Palaye Royale EP. This alternative love ballad could be likened to a Cigarettes After Sex song. The haunting vocals travel throughout the song with such ease it is clear to see this is a song that came from the heart. ‘umakemenotwannadie’ is paired with a music video that shows the beauty of the simple moments of a relationship, shot artistically and sentimentally, showing that this song is more than just a simple track on an EP it is something personal to the songwriter.

While the band has previously stated that a lot of their inspiration comes from the culture around them, in the form of cinema, philosophy, and other musicians, the EP comes from lead singer’s personal experiences. Leith stated in an Instagram post that the EP is “a body of work where I let my guard down and showed you my heart, every broken piece of it”.

The second and third tracks ‘Be Here’ and ‘Hello Sunshine’ both follow on with the same sombre feel. These two tracks make use of a strings section to elevate the relaxed and wistful feel. However, it wouldn’t be a true Palaye Royale song without Leith’s signature screeching vocals which are featured at the end of both these tracks. Paired with dreamy harmonies and an orchestral sound, it feels as if it shouldn’t work, but once again, it results in a unique and impressive sound.

Don’t Cry’ continues with the harmonic vocals and very personal lyrics which then lead onto the final song ‘Worlds End’. The track sounds almost folky and unlike anything Palaye Royale have released before, which makes for a very refreshing listen.

The entirety of the EP shows a different side to the band. 


Jodie Marshall


Image: 'Songs For Sadness' Official EP Cover 

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