Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Divorce Indulge In Rockstar Glamour In New Video For Single ‘Sex & The Millennium Bridge’

In the wake of the triumphant release of their EP ‘Heady Metal’ in November of last year, the Nottingham-based sensation, Divorce, have confronted the world with their incredibly tender and infectious collection of singles. 

Constructing a distinctive approach to music-making that fearlessly embodies their humble attitude, Divorce's sound mirrors the warm embrace that often follows confrontation. Their alt-country style continues to captivate listeners, promising that their name will echo even louder in 2024.

Possibly one of the standout tracks from the 'Heady Metal' EP, ‘Sex & The Millennium Bridge’, stands as a testament to Divorce's patient and musically optimistic songwriting style. Packed with beautifully grungy guitar elements and powerful vocal musings, the single is an acknowledgement of the often liberating experience of letting go. Coupled with the recently unveiled video, the single adds another layer to Divorce's artistic expression, and the playful context infused throughout each frame only affirms the band's playful attitude.

Although the music video is gorgeous in all its rockstar glamour, the juxtaposition of a somewhat slow-moving ballad framed against a comedic exaggeration of the typically arrogant and flamboyant rockstar seems to be a little confusing at first. Yet, on closer inspection, the video masterfully satirises the often unnecessary glitz and glamour of the stereotypical rock band, proving only to represent the band's humble, playful attitude as their childhood rockstar dreams are delivered in video form.

Beginning with an intrusive close-up of co-vocalist Tiger Cohen Towell bathed in the over-glamorous allure of '80s-style makeup, the video parades forward, presenting each member of the band in turn as they pose under the mask of unnecessary smoke and spotlight. Fearlessly sporting incredible haircuts and indulging in posey, comedic rock ‘n’ roll antics, the video is, in its entirety, a fun-loving love letter to the rockstar aesthetic, and I can't help but take my eyes off it. Clump Collectivethe creative minds behind this video and various visual content for the band's 2023 EP, have seamlessly brought Divorce’s wild dreams of rockstar glamour to life. Backed by their previous collaborations with Folly Group and Katy J. Pearson, they have proven their remarkable ability to work alongside bands and perfectly reflect their creative flair. 

Divorce head out on tour in February supporting indie giants The Vaccines, and again in March supporting Everything Everything. If you get the chance, you should see them live as soon as you possibly can.

Ewan Bourne


Image: ‘Sex & The Millennium Bridge’  Official Single Cover

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