Wednesday, January 31, 2024

IDLES release the stormy and suspenseful ‘Gift Horse’

IDLES have broken their brief hiatus, releasing their first single since 2021. However, it’s clear they’re planning to continue to present our ears with pure punk goodness; this time it comes in the form of ‘Gift Horse’ a riotous and punchy mosh-pit single.

Ahead of the release of their fifth album next month, ‘TANGK’, IDLES have been busy sharing glimpses of how the album will be blessing us aurally, with the first single ‘Dancer’ featuring LCD Soundsystem

IDLES somehow manage to maintain their distinguishable production and the iconic sound with every record they create, and this latest release proves just that. You have Joe Talbot’s shouty, yet seductive, vocals alongside deep crashing bangs and booms from the drums and bass. The sound effects in between lyrics that sound like crashing metal adds an element of tension and suspense to the song, making it a movie for your ears, not knowing what is around the corner. The echoes in this song colliding against the poetic vocals give an eery atmosphere to the track, much like what we heard in ‘Dancer’.  

The instrumental bridge in this single forms a mental image of a huge mosh pit in a dark and sweaty gig venue, making the listener excited and jumpy during this luring section of the song. The line ‘‘fuck the king! He ain't the king, she's the king!’’ is the cue for listeners to jump in the mosh pit or bop your heads harder as the beat, the rhythm and the intensity of the track climaxes and shakes. 

The Bristol band continue to put their heart, souls and opinions into every record they produce, even seven years on from their debut record ‘Brutalism’, and fans can’t wait to hear more from their fifth album ‘TANGK’ which will be released on February 16th

Alice Mason

@alicemxson / @alicegoestogigs 

Image: ‘Gift Horse’ Official Single Cover 


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