Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Denial Of The Pursuit Of The Unrealistic: Subterranean Street Society Release The Insanely Catchy ‘Stop Trying’

Subterranean Street Society has released their latest anthem 'Stop Trying' a perpetually rock song with indie elements and with a humorous music to accompany the latest track it  perfectly sets the stage for their upcoming album ‘Bleep’ which is due to be released on the 8th of March. 

Subterranean Street Society, the Danish-Dutch alternative rock ensemble hailing from Amsterdam consist of members Louis Puggaard-Müller, Vocals/Guitar, Ivo Johan Schot, Bass/Guitar/Vocals and Joost Koevoets, Drums/Tape noise/Vocals.

As a band they embrace a straightforward approach to their music, combining unfiltered rock with poetic nuances, drawing influences from indie, folk, grunge, and rock. In 2023, they shed their melancholic sound for compelling protest songs that demand attention. 

‘Stop Trying’ serves as a tribute to the perpetual quest for self-improvement, celebrating the inner overachiever within us all, highlighting the tendency to get trapped in the cycle of becoming someone or something, instead of appreciating the seemingly impossible being that each moment uniquely offers.

This is expressed within the lyrics “Ought to settle down in a safe space, kicking up my young bones begging me to leave the city behind.” Told through an upbeat melody and fast tempo that makes for an insanely catchy song, Louis, the lead vocalist, as well as backing vocals from Schot and Koevoets enchants the audience further with a captivating performance, infusing each lyric with purpose and profound meaning but told in such an uplifting way.

Subterranean Street Society have released an extraordinary track that's both irresistibly catchy and deeply meaningful. 'Stop Trying' becomes increasingly addictive with each press of the replay button – a definite must-listen.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Stop Trying’ Official Single Cover 

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