Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Ducks ltd Release New Single ‘Train Full Of Gasoline’ Amidst a Cloud Of Jangling Guitars and Charming Enthusiasm

Only a few footsteps into 2024, and Toronto-based Ducks Ltd. have kindly treated us to another single from their forthcoming album, ‘Harms Way’.

 The album, set to be released on Carpark Records on February 9th, follows their critically acclaimed 2021 album ‘Modern Fiction’, with a sound that’s beautifully reminiscent of their wonderful musical tenacity. 

Not too distant from the joyful indie clanging of arguably their most popular track, ‘18 Cigarettes’, ‘Train Full Of Gasoline’ moves with a pace just as frantic. The single wields an array of jangling guitar licks and catchy vocal melodies that move with a joyous enthusiasm so typical of the band's indie-pop style.

Drawing influence from the Lac-Megantic rail disaster of 2013, the single'S furious attitude proves beautifully confrontational throughout its clever wordplay. Each lyric toys with the self-destructive tendencies we all possess and acknowledges the cruelty we find in believing that there’s “always another dagger hidden in the sleeve”. ‘Train Full of Gasoline’ is the third single released in anticipation of the upcoming album, and with each and every listen, its liveliness erupts from every corner of the band's musical decision-making. Ducks Ltd. have undoubtedly fashioned a charming discography of music since their 2019 EP ‘Get Bleak’, but I feel we can expect to be impressed further throughout the rest of 2024. 

The band play twice in the capital at The Moth Club on March 27th, and I’m incredibly excited to hear their full album when it's released on February 9th.

Ewan Bourne


Image: ‘Train Full Of Gasoline’ Official Single Cover

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