Thursday, January 11, 2024

American Rock Band Sparks From A Kiss Release The Personal Album ‘Cornered and Shot’

Sparks From A Kiss have unveiled their latest album, 'Cornered and Shot,' featuring a compilation of tracks that include demos and outtakes each fuelled by emotion and experimentation. Each song stands out on its own, offering a unique experience.

Sparks Fly from a Kiss traces back to the meeting of John Simek and Ralph Nicastro while working at a bar and restaurant in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Over the years, additional members joined, infusing melody and depth into their music and saw the band transition from straightforward guitar anthems to angelic space jams, and from fuzzy pop gems to sonic dirges. Sparks Fly From A Kiss skillfully fuse great hooks with dissonance and technology, crafting a bold and distinctive sound.

‘I Saw The Future’ instantly opens with a burst of jangly guitar riffs and a prominent drumbeat that form an upbeat and respective rhythm throughout the track. This instantaneous beginning and flair to the song bears resemblance to The Who’s ‘Baba O’Riley’, yet it is stripped back and carries a subtle distortion and feels to have a slight distortion to the sound. 

‘Emergency Breakthrough’ takes a slightly different approach, though feels familiar to the previous track. Using an arrangement of soft guitars that build up to impeccable guitar solos and a hushed but harsh drum beat from John Crocco. Sparks Fly From A Kiss uses sonic elements that seamlessly blend with the instrumentals to craft a bold yet subtle sound. 

‘Orange Jubilation ', ‘Good Hard Living’ and ‘Spanish Fly’ all follow a slower tempo and play heavily with distortion. The guitar arrangements of both tracks take centre stage. The vocals of Simek and Nicastro show lo-fi, the king and drawn-out guitars and vocals fit perfectly together. 

‘Searching For John Wayne’ is a track fused with mystery and melancholy. Sparks Fly From A Kiss creates a hazy effect by incorporating hints of psychedelic rock such as distortion and feedback to transport listeners back to the Wild West. 

Concluding the album, 'Anniversary Song' skillfully plays with tempo. It starts with gentle, slow vocals and simple guitar picking, gradually building into an emotional explosion, only to rein it in and repeat the cycle. A gratifying conclusion to a remarkable album.

Sparks Fly From A Kiss have crafted an album meant to be experienced. Experimenting with various facets of modern rock, they seamlessly incorporate elements of lo-do with a refined touch. Each track on ‘Cornered and Shot’ introduces something fresh, providing an enjoyable and laid-back listening experience.

Ana Joy King


Image‘I Saw The Future’ Official Album Cover

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