Thursday, February 01, 2024

Ellur’s New Single ‘Satellites’ is a Tale of Ill-Starred Lovers

Hailing from the historic market town of Halifax, artist Ellur is God’s gift to indie-pop music. Her latest release, ‘Satellites’, is a clear indication of the pure talent she possesses. 

An emotionally gripping composition, the song portrays a bittersweet longing for a romantic connection. It depicts a pair of star-crossed lovers who are doomed to live a life apart from each other.

The songstress likens her and her love interest to satellites that “always pass each other by”, confessing “We’re spinning in parallel lines/But never quite meeting”. Despite the cold vastness of outer space, Ellur wants to draw nearer to her love interest. She yearns for a long-lasting relationship where she can feel comfortable - “If time was on our side / I’d build a home inside your eyes”.

There’s a melancholic feel to the whole song, which is probably what the artist was going for. Still, one can’t help but be inspired by the fierce determination to hold onto this evasive love. So fierce is this determination, that the artist wouldn’t trade anything for her love interest. In fact, she responds to the hypothetical choice of the world or her love interest with “God it’s you it’s you it’s always you”. And just to show how serious she is, she affirms this choice by repeating these lines later in the song.

Lyrics and sentiments aside, the song is a beautiful constellation of sounds. The firm melody from the piano speaks to the unwavering commitment to the relationship. The strong quartet enhances the texture and nuance of the song, amplifying the emotional impact while highlighting the melodic interplay. Fellow collaborators Polly Virr, Henry Donald Drankin, Liz Lister & Matthew Chadbond brought the record full circle.

‘Satellites’ is the perfect soundtrack to the celestial ballet of two kindred souls that can never be together.


Vukile Ntsaba

Image: ‘Satellites’ Official Single Cover

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