Monday, January 22, 2024

Bombay Bicycle Club’s Newest Collaboration Brings Warmth to the January Frost

Following the recent delivery of their sixth album ‘My Big Day’, Bombay Bicycle Club have just released ‘Fantasneeze (feat Matilda Mann)’, the lead single of an upcoming EP ‘Fantasies’.  

In addition to Mann, the four track EP will feature collaborations with artists such as Lucy Rose, Liz Lawrence and Rae Morris

When speaking about the project in a press release, the band claimed they think of the EP as more of a ‘Bombay and Friends’ release, claiming some collaborators are long-term friends of the band.

After being a part of the UK indie scene for almost 20 years, Bombay Bicycle Club have often been marked as a ‘teenage guitar band’ like many others in the same genre that gained popularity in the 2010s. ‘Fantasneeze’ showcases maturity and vulnerability that proves the band aren’t bound to classification, whilst still managing to maintain their wholesome sound and bright tone. The tender voice of this tracks collaborator (London born indie folk musician Matilda Mann), joins that of the bands lead vocalist Jack Steadman to create a refreshing harmonic blend that conjures a content warmth to battle against the winter frost. 

The rest of the EP is set to release on the 23rd of February digitally, with a limited physical release of 2500 hand numbered 10” vinyl copies, printed on an eco-mix vinyl with environmentally conscious packaging. Bombay Bicycle Club are also kicking off a UK and Ireland tour and the end of January, followed by a run of shows in North America. 


Tallulah Fox

Image:‘Fantasies’ Official EP Cover

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