Sunday, January 21, 2024

Brighton-based Lime Garden Continue To Impress With ‘Mother’

Acting as the fourth single from the band's forthcoming debut album ‘One More Thing’, ‘Mother’ is a playful and well-arranged example of Lime Garden’s impressive and unique stylistic choices. 

Signed to So Young Records back in 2021, Lime Garden have continued to release infectious coming-of-age indie music that has garnered support from the likes of 6 Music and NME. 

This single in particular draws even more attention to their inventive style of music-making and stamps into place the band's furious attitude through a culmination of brilliantly roughened sounds.

 Utilising an array of interchanging guitar and bass hooks, the track whips from ear to ear, commanding our attention throughout each and every phrase and dropping us somewhere in between. Churning forward alongside an increasingly over-driven guitar feature that reminds us of the similar D.I.Y. aesthetic of restless British rock outfit Bloc Party, the band proves only to mobilise the track through brilliant lyrical context and intriguing electronic disturbance.. Throughout both verse and chorus, lead singer Chloe Howard paints an intriguing picture of how our relationship with our mothers develops in tandem with our own growth, and points out an intriguing realisation that our mothers are doing more than “Creating a reflection”; they are “giving up what they were”. Pulling influence from her own experience of adulthood, throughout the track, she acknowledges the beauty she found in bonding further with her own mother, and this unique take on formulating relationships only proves to galvanise the tracks musical intensity.

 Lime Garden poses an incredibly distinctive D.I.Y. sound that is allowed to breathe throughout 'Mother',and it is easy to be drawn in by the incredibly tuneful ranting that ascends from the song's frantic structure. While previously released singles ‘Love Song’ and ‘I Want to Be You’ have kicked off the band's recently improved popularity, it is ‘Mother’ that comfortably assures my excitement for the new album. With a sound that mimics the extraordinarily aesthetic sound of lighting  a cigarrete or the overexcited clanging of a pint of beer, Lime Garden are restless in their creative enthusiasm and edgy sound.

Lime Garden officially release their well-anticipated debut album on February 16th, and you can catch them on various dates across the U.K. and abroad throughout the entirety of 2024.


Ewan Bourne


Image: ‘Mother’ Official Single Cover

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