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The Post Human Experience: Bring Me The Horizon Live from Liverpool

Liverpool, you have just witnessed the Post Human Live Experience with Bring Me The Horizon. Please insert credit if you’d like to play again. Credit accepted.

If there’s one thing that you can count on is that when it comes to a live performance, full of pyrotechnics, outstanding videography and incredible performances, Bring Me The Horizon Bring Me The Horizon are no ‘sTraNgeRs’ to going the extra mile and know exactly how to create a fully immersive, narrative-driven experience that will knock the socks off any fan new or old. 

Composed of the solid lineup of Bad Omens, Cassyette, and Static Dress. The Post Human: Nex Gen was coined in the minds of fans since Download 2023, sparking interest through a series of propaganda-like adverts. The highly anticipated tour continued in Liverpool on the 17th of January, the sold-out show saw an alternative collected flock into the M & S Bank Arena and firmly plant themselves awaiting the night of their life. 

Kicking off the entire concert was Static Dress, the energetic metalcore band from Leeds. They passionately presented several songs from their latest album, 'Rouge Carpet Disaster,' commanding the stage and urging the audience to let loose and rock out, whether familiar with them or not.

Cassyette commanded the stage, showing off her incredible vocal range and giving fans an insight to her upcoming debut album ‘This World Fucking Sucks.’ 

The atmosphere for Bad Omens was infectious, the arena was now filled and the anticipation once their banner of the album ‘THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND’ hung proudly on the stage, with screens playing enigmatic figures, a speech and soundwaves to build up a dramatic entrance for the band. They played a mix of old and new, with real standouts such as ‘Glass Houses,’ ‘Just Pretend’ and ‘Artificial Suicide.’ The real standout of the set was the fan favourite ‘THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND’ which was met with roarous applause. They of course delved into their iconic ‘Concrete Jungle’ chant to ease fans into the mosh-inducing track ‘Dethrone.’ One thing that was clear during their set was that lead singer Noah Sebastian’s vocals are even more impressive in person, an incredible vocalist.

Launching into track such as ‘DArkSide’ followed by ‘Empire (Let Them Sing), ‘Tear Drops’ and ‘Mantra,’ Bring Me The Horizon threw themselves into their performance, visiting different eras of the band with bursts of confetti, pyrotechnics and a performance of lights themselves, the crowd went wild with mosh pits opening up almost instantly. With the cheers of fans, everyone’s eyes were firmly on frontman Oli Sykes, his presence was incredible and not once did he falter or sway away from 100%. 

What created such an exciting feeling throughout the concert was their use of a gothic churn backdrop that flipped between a variety of videography sequences, introducing a variety of video calls from evE and other characters from ‘Post Human: Nex Gen’ to cleverly transport concert-goers into the post-human apocalypse, taking this from just being a concert experience to a cinematic, immersive experience. 

Real crowd hitters throughout their set were ‘AmEN,’ ‘Obey’ and ‘Parasite Eve,’ to other exciting moments such as Olli Appleyard of Static Dress joining Bring Me The Horizon on stage and delivering a ferocious performance of ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ and Noah Sebastian for ‘Antivist’ where crowds were pushed side to side and bursting into multiple mosh pits. 

A change in scenery marked a different era for the band, a cold icy exterior took over the gothic church background and low lighting. Frontman Oli Sykes stood on a high platform with the iconic red flare. Meaning one thing, it was time for ‘Shadow Moses’ And as soon as the first “Can you tell from the look in our eyes?” The crowd instantly chanted back “We’re going nowhere!” It was infectious and a personal highlight. 

It wasn’t all heavy hitters, Bring Me The Horizon created a party-like atmosphere with tracks such as ‘DiE4u,’ ‘LosT’ and ‘Kingslayer’ where despite the lack of Babymetal the videography in the background made up for it, mimicking their iconic dancing and created the illusion of them being there that night. 

Things got emotional with the acoustic rendition of ‘sTraNgeRs,’ where Bring Me The Horizon stripped the song down to its simplest form but had the highest impact. The crowd was illuminated with a sea of torches and fans stood in solidarity, singing and feeling the lyrics leaving the band awe-impaired.

This was similar to the popular ‘Drown,’ an emotive song about loneliness, depression and despair, which had fans once again feeling emotional with some in tears. It was truly breathtaking. 

‘Can You Feel My Heart’ was a highly anticipated track as with any Bring Me The Horizon concert. It was full of energy and emotion. An explosion of confetti shaped like hearts was a sentimental touch and a lot of fans pocketed some to take home. 

‘Doomed’ was a surprising entry on the set list but was well received, the breath-like sounds were met with lasers and created a light show. A solid performance, truly incredible.  

Closing the concert was ‘Throne,’ where a skeletal soldier dominated the screen, the iconic electronic tune blared through and was the final push, the mosh pitters giving it their all and not one person stood still. It was the perfect way to end the entire concert.

Bring Me the Horizon doesn’t just test the waters, they dive in deep, creating an immersive experience for concertgoers. Tailoring their set list so there’s a little bit for everyone, there is no doubt that in a few years, they will be selling out stadiums bringing to life their Post Human experience or creating a brand new world again. Bring Me The Horizon is a must-go concert experience. 

Ana Joy King


Image: Ana Joy King

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