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Indie Core: Fever Rouge Release Their Debut EP ‘Can You See?’

Fever Rouge is renowned for captivating audiences with a mischievous charm and eccentric vitality that plunges their listeners into a mesmerising reverie. Their debut EP, ‘Can You See?’ embodies the indie spirit, effortlessly transitioning between reverb and melodies for an enjoyable listen. 

Hailing from Brighton, Fever Rouge has flourished within the alternative rock scene, where their live shows spark tumult and vibrant energy. With the release of their debut EP, the band strives to reshape the essence of alternative rock and infuse it with an indie flair.

 ‘Red Light Fever’ is about the frustrations of recording. It opens with a distant, distorted shred on an electric guitar that creates a sense of mystery and a slow tempo but soon intensifies and exudes a rock n roll confidence that locks in the listener. Vocalist Ollie Hughes has a dynamic flair and once his vocals kick in the track takes a turn and ignites into a sense of mid-2000s nostalgia.

Commencing with a distant, distorted electric guitar shred, 'Red Light Fever' initially evokes mystery with a slow tempo. However, it swiftly intensifies, radiating a rock 'n' roll confidence that captivates the listener. When vocalist Ollie Hughes joins in, his dynamic flair transforms the track, unleashing a wave of mid-2000s nostalgia.

'Locked n Loaded' emerges as an ambitious track, kicking off with spoken word that Ollie Hughes delivers with attitude, telling those who don’t believe in him to sit back and watch as he proves them wrong as expressed in the lyrics “Well I can’t find the words but I’ve got something to say. You think I’m a fool but I’ve got something to say.”  It combines a stimulating rhythm, catchy demeanour, and a jagged tune, seamlessly blending a lo-fi undertone with an unabashed indie vibe.

‘Golden,’ sees Fever Rouge experiment with indie fusion, merging grunge and funk together to paint a picture of love in a toxic relationship as expressed in the lyrics “Now there’s holes in my head. Where she, she slept. And those words that she said and oh she left”.

‘Can You See?’ evokes an abrupt transition and brims with distress and sorrow, crafting a poignant portrayal of despair through a mysterious soundscape that intensifies, immersing into a tempest of emotions. Ollie's remarkable Sprechgesang resonates emptiness, whispering tender nothings and issuing a rallying cry to those grappling in solitude, encapsulated in the plea, “Now the darkness consumes…Can you see I’m blue?”.

‘Paint Me’ is about the expedition of inner turmoil and rage that comes with burning adolescence whilst taking a deep dive into Fever Rouge’s history as a band. Told through tentative guitars that change between being crips and being distorted to play on the emotions of the song blend perfectly with an added synth creating the perfect indie track. ‘Paint Me’ is a fitting end.

‘Paint Me’ delves into the journey of internal conflict and fury inherent in the fiery throes of adolescence, providing a profound exploration of Fever Rouge's musical evolution. Narrated through delicate guitars oscillating between crisp and distorted tones, skillfully manipulating the song's emotional landscape, complemented by an additional synth layer, the result is a flawless indie track. ‘Paint Me’ stands as a fitting conclusion to the band's narrative.

Fever Rouge has crafted a debut EP of exceptional richness and brilliance with 'Can You See.' While staying true to the essentials of indie music, the band skillfully incorporates diverse elements to vividly convey their message and infuse a distinctive flair into the genre. A compelling and essential listen.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Can You See’ Official EP Cover

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