Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Yungblud releases 'Happier' music video ft. Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon

Taking to the streets of Tokyo, ‘Happier’ is the latest music video from Yungblud featuring Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes.

This is the second collaboration between Yungblud and Oli Sykes, the first being 2020’s ‘Obey.’ The duo have since been on the Asia leg of the NEX GEN tour, making stops in Japan where the ‘Happier’ music video was directed by Masaki Watanabe.

‘Happier’ is a bold anthemic track with retro-inspired visuals and accelerated archival footage displaying Yungblud and Oli Sykes’ shenanigans in Tokyo, from belting out tunes in karaoke bars, gaming in arcades, to energetically moshing on packed dance floors, the music video portrays the robust friendship between the two. Delivering an entertaining spectacle for fans. 

‘Happier’ offers a chaotic, in disarray experience combining electronic, J-pop with Yungblud’s signature alternative style. This mix and match of sound is euphoric and cathartic but juxtaposed by the feel dive into darker themes of enduring trauma at a young age. This is shown within the emotive lyrics “No, I’m not broken. I’m just scared to belong here, scared to be happier”. 

Yungblud and Oli Sykes have created a complex, yet fun track within ‘Happier’ that offers a feel-good listen but a deep reflection on trauma. A must listen. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Happier’ Official Single Cover

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