Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Hollow Coves Unearth Their Latest Profound And Heartwarming Single

The Australian folk duo Hollow Coves have unveiled their latest single called ‘Milk & Honey’. It absorbs every emotion as it offers an alternative perspective on life away from the rat race. 

The song touches on truths and has already been widely well-received by their blossoming fan base around the world.  

‘Milk & Honey’ begins gently with an acoustic guitar before the drums enter to add a pulse and more density to the music. The opening lyrics “Lately we’re seeing the same things / Running in circles every day” points towards the everyday life of living whilst working a full-time job with little time to take a moment to reflect and enjoy life by taking a slightly different path. 

The chorus is the most poignant part of the track with lyrics like “Oh, open your eyes / Life is more than making money” which serves as a significant reminder to everybody to count their blessings and embrace the time they have with loved ones and those who matter most. The single signs off softly after reminding its audience to “Turn water to wine” and be thankful for life’s little openings. 

The duo’s music is becoming increasingly popular as they prepare to embark on a huge international tour in 2024. They announced on social media that visits to London, Leeds, and Manchester are on the horizon as well as a trip to the US.

Antony Bailey


 Image: Official 'Milk & Honey' Single Cover

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