Friday, December 08, 2023

Writers, Creatives and the Everpending Creative Block: Experience Self Torque’s Latest Single ‘No Rest’

Self Torque enters with the release of the brand new single ‘No Rush,’ combining sonic sounds with contemporary elements to create waves of emotion and a track like no other. 

'No Rest’ is a dynamic modern alternative rock revelation that focuses on and vividly captures the frustration creative minds face when amid a mental block, yearning to create something whimsical yet confined by the limitations of one’s mindset as captured within the lyrics, “when will the inspiration come? What time will things start to be fun? I’m always asking the same questions, bring on the next big section”.

Self Torque opens ‘No Rush’ with distinct, bouncy guitar riffs that add a burst of energy. This fast tempo captures the intense feeling of a creative block, having this desire and need to create something unique but self-doubt creeps in and is met with exasperation. 

Amongst the bouncy guitar riffs, Self Torque uses a driving drumbeat and combines it with a catchy bassline that blends for the perfect alternative rock tune. There is also a distinct use of sonic musical components such as dynamics to add a slight distortion to the lead singer’s deep vocals adding to the energy of ‘No Rush’ but bringing a slight contrast between the two styles and an edge that captures the listener. 

Self Torque has crafted a vibrant track within ‘No Rush’, revealing a distinctive flair and skill in constructing invigorating guitar riffs and catchy drum beats that plunge listeners into challenging a creative block, ultimately discovering inspiration.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘No Rest’ Official Single Cover





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