Saturday, December 09, 2023

Gary Dranow’s ‘Destiny Road - Re-Mix’ ticks all the boxes

Utah-based blues band Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions latest single ‘Destiny Road - Re-Mix’ is a call back to a sound found towards the end of last century.  Featuring stunning electric guitar riffs, commanding drums and a howling vocal performance, this almost five-minute epic is not easily forgotten. 

Neatly constructed into a verse-chorus-verse structure, the main chorus sees charismatic frontman Gary Dranow sing of trying to get on a metaphorical dream road named "Destiny Road" where “dreams lead the soul”.

Whilst Dranow’s vocal performance impresses, the instrumentals are what really take the spotlight in this cut, especially the guitars. 

A steely rhythm guitar pairs effortlessly with a dreamy, angel-like lead guitar. The latter is allowed to freely express itself within little pockets of the tracks creating beautiful, expressive riffs in between chrous and verse, taking this track to that next level. Listeners can also hear a subtle, yet ever-present folky acoustic guitar, which brings a grounding feeling to the song.

The production on this track is also commendable, with both vocals and instrumental being able to be heard clearly and equally. With some songs of this genre, some instruments can drown out others, or a vocal can be turned up way too high to counteract the electric guitars. This is not the case with this single. 

This cut has all you could ask for from a blues-rock song as it includes a stunning vocal performance, is produced well and features stunning, well crafted electric guitar riffs.

Image: ‘Destiny Road - Re-Mix’ Official Single Cover

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