Sunday, December 17, 2023

The Glitz and Grunge of Palaye Royale’s new EP ‘Sextape’.

Palaye Royale is a band that truly cannot be described as one musical genre, and their new EP ‘Sextape’ is no exception.

Palaye Royale has been described as the trailblazers of modern-day glam rock with the band themselves citing just a couple of their many influences as David Bowie and T.Rex. However, the band cannot be simply branded as glam rock when they also fall into genres of grunge, rock, metal, and punk, to name a few.

Their new EP ‘Sextape’ channels late 90s rock and grunge whilst also paying homage to early noughties metal whilst still staying in tune with their own unique sound which the band describes as ‘fashion-art rock’.

Sextape’ is rooted in classic rock and metal influences yet features its own Palaye Royale spin on the sound which can be attributed to the band’s self-proclamation that they are an ‘art rock’ band. Art rock challenges the normal conventions of rock whilst still being respectful to the genre, this is what makes ‘Sextape’ such a universally appealing EP.

Made up of three brothers; Remington LeithSebastian Danzig, and Emerson Barrett, Palaye Royale describes ‘Sextape’ as “that moment in time of complete ecstasy where the world and the problems that it holds falls by the waistline. Where you can forget who you are and enjoy pleasure.”

Sextape’ features three new original songs from the band and two covers. The EP opens with the track ‘Stripped’ in which the angry and rough vocals from Remington Leith can be heard which are so in tune with the gritty guitar riff being played by Sebastian Danzig that it creates a harmony which distracts from the harsh vocals and allows the listener to tune into the emotional side of the song.

The track is followed by ‘Desire’ and the previously released ‘Dead To Me’, both of which feel sultry and gritty whilst still being innovative and creative, showing the band’s talent as musicians.

The fourth track on the EP is a cover of Donovan’s 1966 hit ‘Season Of The Witch’. For a song that has been covered countless times by bands such as Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, and Luna, Palaye Royale’s cover feels refreshingly modern and unique whilst incorporating an eerie yet alluring sound playing into the distinct sound of the band.

Closer’ is the final track of the ‘Sextape’ EP and is also a cover, this time of the Nine Inch Nails classic of the same name. The grungy and gritty feel of the song is reflected in the music video released alongside the song. within the music video, it is clear to see the innovative fashion sense paired with the Tim Burton-esqu look of the three brothers which once again adds to the argument that their extremely unique style is another reason they are the frontrunners of modern-day glam/art rock.

Palaye Royale continues to push creative boundaries of not only music but fashion which shows how they are an influential band that can be universally listened to, and who will only gain more popularity with time.

Jodie Marshall


Image: ‘Sextape’ Official Album Cover

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