Saturday, December 16, 2023

Royel Otis Share Gripping New Single ‘Heading For The Door’

One of the finest Australian indie bands to grow this year is Royel Otis and they share another audially stunning track before the release of their debut album ‘PRATTS & PAIN’ in February next year. 

Royel Maddell and Otis Pavlovic shared ‘Heading For The Door’ last Thursday making this the second single we have heard from their upcoming debut record and it is already shaping up to be a glistening and emotional indie album.  

‘Heading For The Door’ has a constant familiar Royel Otis sound all the way through this track with surfy guitar riffs and gentle vocals and hint of synth/keys in the background. This track could be received as a slower Royel Otis track which means you can really feel every element of their music.  

The lyrics in this song collide with the rainy sounding groove making this a very emotional track. Lines such as ‘‘If you're never getting out of this mood, forget you, if you're drinking all your old man's booze’’ show vulnerability and an honesty to the theme of this song about an argument due to alcohol and therefore the track as a whole provides the listener with a sense of grief and heartbreak.  

Royel Otis have already shared some beautiful sounds from the upcoming release of their debut album and fans can’t wait to hear what else is in store. 

Alice Mason

@alicemxson / @alicegoestogigs 

Image: ‘Heading For The Door’ Official Single Cover


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