Friday, December 15, 2023

Ollie Twohill Shows His vulnerable Side In The Sentimental and Delicate Track ‘Stifled’

The new single ‘Stifled’ by Ollie Twohill has a subtle hint of 2000s Emo mixed with acoustic alternative rock that works together and blends seamlessly to create a delicate introspective song.

One-man band, Ollie Twohill derives from northern Australia and specializes in acoustic pop-rock, folk-rock, and pop-punk. Bringing together energetic and melodic riffed tunes that are driven by introspection and heart focusing on the difficult path of playing songs of hope and love, along with loss and trauma. 

‘Stifled’ addresses the sensitive topic of mental health and suicide with a raw and vulnerable perspective, drawing inspiration from a deeply personal and close-to-home experience. This is expressed in the lyrics “Stifled I keep running in place but the rifles are aimed right at my face / got nowhere to go.” 

‘Stifled’ opens with a calming acoustic guitar before bursting into drums and electric guitars create an intense but delicate melody that embraces an acoustic pop sound that is intoxicating to listen to. Ollie Twohill’s vocals are fuelled by emotion, singing from the heart and showing vulnerability, inviting listeners to join and know it’s okay not to be okay. 

Ollie Twohill has created a deeply emotive song that embraces vulnerability and one’s inner, darker thoughts raising awareness for mental health with the message that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, filling listeners with hope through melodious guitars and velvety vocals. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Stifled’ Official Single Cover

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  1. Ollie Twohill shares his emotions in the touching song Stifled. The lyrics and tunes are gentle and heartfelt, creating a unique vibe. It is a song that lets you feel a lot. Take a listen, and let Ollie's emotional music connect with you.


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