Thursday, December 14, 2023

Melroze is back with the explosive and intoxicating new single ‘Who’s That’

Melroze, a dedicated artist hailing from North Glasgow, has tirelessly pursued his music career for over a decade. Widely discussed as the most industrious figure in Scottish rap and hip-hop, he proudly upholds this title, consistently striving to uphold it. 

His latest work ‘Who’s That’ paints a picture of his ability to blur the lines between distinctly rap with his highland roots making way for an intriguing and infectious listen. 

The instrumentals of 'Who's That' feature a straightforward structure. It kicks off with a unique bagpipe arrangement that gradually intensifies, capturing the listener's attention as it becomes a real ear worm and complemented by a powerful and stomping drumbeat, Melroze's musical simplicity in this track showcases his songwriting prowess. Despite its simplicity, the music is captivating and accentuates his endearing Scottish rap vocals. 

'Who's That' boasts a captivating tempo as Melroze skillfully leverages it, gradually accelerating the pace of his vocals. In sync with the unique bagpipes, each drum stomp contributes to the tempo's dynamic rise, prompting head-bobbing and enticing listeners to hit the replay button.

Melroze has masterfully fused rap with Highland vibes, leveraging simplicity to enhance the overall listening experience.


Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Who’s That’ Official Single Cover


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