Tuesday, November 21, 2023

The Rhythm Method and the Fruit of Their Labours

The Rhythm Method can be thought of as a sequence of odd and very charming pairs. Comprising of Rowan Martin and Joey Bradbury, they aren’t unique but the precise combination of influences is arresting.

Squeeze are an obvious and unashamed waymarker for the two lads who are not always quite Chas and Dave but occasionally Chas and Tilbrook — maybe throw a little Television Personalities into the mix. 

The singers offer a two-pronged approach of witty kitchen-sink lyricism and disarming ballad-esque sweetness. They’re able to spectacularly turn from geezer to sad-synth-boy on a dime and, as a result, successfully wrote the only good football song of the last 20-odd years during the 2018 World Cup. I like to think of them as Nouveau Lads, the sort that may or may not catch on, but perhaps that’s reading too much into it. In fact, the new record, ‘Peachy’, is shaping up to be a heartfelt effort, a story of listless swathes of English motorways and a self-confessed “recovery album”.

Underappreciated, under the radar, the boys have expressed ire at being consistently misunderstood, and it’s possible to understand why that has happened. At a glance, they’re hard to categorise, but those who click with them will click like a hollow oaken metronome. ‘Have a Go Heroes’ was released as a single recently and is a sparse paean to the triumph and folly of England as seen from a tour bus. Simmering synth beds and the slightly Sumner-esque vocals set the tone for a band that’s maybe taking a minute to rub its eyes and blink into the sunlight again after a spell of gloom. It’s pared back and melancholic, but perhaps there’ll be a few of their pubbier jaunts on there too.

This will be their debut full studio album after many years of hammering away behind the scenes. Out on Moshi Moshi Records in March 2024, we can’t wait to hear it.

Rory Calland


Image: ‘Peachy' Official Album Cover

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