Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Cordelia Gartside gets real and shows deep sensitivity in new single ‘27’

Cordelia Gartside has taken an extraordinary step by redefining herself as a musician. Cordelia Gartside continues her tradition of expressing authentic emotions through her body of work, making ‘27’ is no exception. The track confronts life's unpredictable moments, spanning both the future and the past and moving on.

'27' is an indie pop-rock anthem, fuelled by Cordelia Gartside’s self-proclaimed creep-rock. Opening on an upbeat note, capturing the highs of life. This is conveyed through synth melodies inspired by ‘80s pop music, a subtle drumbeat and soft, effortless vocals, seamlessly combining to produce an irresistible and captivating sound. 

Cordelia Gartside skillfully employs juxtaposition in the funky soundscape, intertwining poignant themes and lyrics to vividly depict scenes in the listener's mind. Narrated from a distinct perspective, the song unfolds like a stroll through a somber small town, allowing us to experience faceless individuals' lives through Cordelia's lens. This is encapsulated in the lyrics, "my friend’s been going through it, his mum’s a narcissist... The way he tells his trauma like a joke."

Cordelia Gartside delves into universally relatable themes, leveraging a straightforward structure to her benefit. By employing delicate vocals and synths, she enables listeners to concentrate on the intricate emotions within the song, reassuring them that they are not alone in their experiences.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘27’ Official Single Cover

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