Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Arlo Parks Releases Haunting New Cover 'Jasmine'

Arlo Parks has released a new cover of ‘Jasmine’, a beautiful and haunting rendition of a song originally by Jai Paul

Through soulful vocals, Arlo Parks brings a new depth and vulnerability to the track, capturing the longing and melancholy of the lyrics - “Please come back to me/ And make my dream come true”. 

The stripped-down instrumentation allows her voice to shine, accompanied only by a haunting guitar and subtle atmospheric effects. The emotional intensity and rawness in the cover is truly captivating - her unique tone and delivery bring out a whole new level of intimacy and introspection in the song. The singer's ability to convey the complexities of love and yearning through her voice is truly remarkable.

One of the standout aspects of Parks’ cover is her ability to infuse her own style into the song, while still maintaining the essence of the original. She brings a sense of personal connection to the lyrics. For example, in the way she delivers “Make my dream come true/ Cause when it comes to heartbreak/ What’s a little girl like you know?”, you get the feeling the lyrics were written specifically for her. This unique interpretation thus adds a fresh perspective to the track.

In addition to her exceptional vocal abilities, Parks’ storytelling skills shine through in this cover. Her ability to communicate the emotions and experiences portrayed through the soundscape allows the listener to truly feel and connect with the song. The delivery is raw and honest, further adding to the authenticity of her interpretation.

Arlo Parks’ cover of ‘Jasmine’ is a breathtaking rendition that showcases her immense talent and artistic depth. Her ability to breathe new life into the song while still honouring the original is a testament to her artistry. This cover is a must-listen for fans of both Parks and Jai Paul, as it offers a fresh perspective and emotional experience.

Ciara Fearn


Image: ‘Jasmine’ Official Single Cover

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