Thursday, November 16, 2023

Sourface Lift The Lid On Their Latest Hard-Hitting Single

The Anglo-Parisian indie quartet Sourface have just unveiled their newest record called ‘Lizard King’ and it doesn’t disappoint. A neo-psychedelic indie pop-punk band is a great way to describe these guys due to their unique ability to layer multiple genres together to form their own subgenre.  

The band's latest offering is set to be on their new LP ‘The Eternal Summer’, which was recorded in their homemade Parisian studio and is scheduled for release on March 22nd

The quartet consists of Ludo Aslangu (Guitar / Lead vocals), Alex Brunstein (Bass / Backing vocals), Matt Isles (Keys / Backing vocals), and Tom Waldron (Drums).

This is a hard-hitting single packed with raw emotion that races to the surface from the very first beat to the last. Initially, the drum crescendo created in the intro will remind some listeners of ‘Can’t Stop’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers. The first line of the song “I stretch out my hand to the many-faced god” is open to interpretation but the band’s spin is that power can swiftly transform greed into power if one has no control over themselves. 

The relentless grooves in this track are like a “slug to your chest” as Dr. Dre once said in his ‘California Love’ single and undeniably leave the listener wanting more. The dynamics of the song fluctuate between sections to create more tension and suspense in the music and the outro of the song is the loudest before abruptly concluding and leaving the listener next to a wall of silence.  

This band is certainly one to watch out for over the coming months due to their exceptional ability to fuse funk, punk, jazz, and an array of rock subgenres to form their own unforgettable sound. 

Antony Bailey 


 Image: 'Lizard King' Official Single Cover 

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