Friday, November 17, 2023

Courting Deliver an Indie ‘Throw’Back With Their New Single

Liverpool four-piece Courting has risen again with their new indie concoction. 'Throw’ is the second single from their next project, ‘New Last Name’ out in January, and it’s so indie it hurts. 

The classic indie riffs and electric guitars are so un-Courting but this new sound suits them extremely well. 

Vocalist Sean usually takes to the garage indie stereotype and talks and shouts instead of sings, like modern-day poetry, but here he provides us with overly auto-tuned melodies. Following on from the electro theme of the last album, the autotune adds an effect to the song that makes it futuristic. 

There is an interesting juxtaposition in the way that it’s reminiscent of the past, but the sound is futuristic at the same time. Courting is doing something new here and mixing elements of different periods in their music to create this unique sound. Drummer Sean helps to emphasise the indie 2000s sound with his fast-paced drum beats, encouraging moving about.  

A rollercoaster is the only way to describe the stages of this song, up and down, forwards and back. One moment there is a slow breakdown and then the next the listener is jumping in the air again. 

At the song's beginning, Sean’s vocals overpower the rest of the instruments. As it moves along, the guitar strangely overpowers the vocals. There is a battle of power here which makes for an enjoyable and exciting listen as the listener isn’t sure where their ears are going to be next. 

The spaced-out drum beats near the end feel like the song is dragging and like it’s taking effort for the musicians to continue. The lyric “We throw our backs out” is supported by the straining on the vocals and the drums together, further reinforced by the lead guitar and bass which follow the epic drum beats. Very good boys.

The sophomore album is out January 26th and fans everywhere are itching to see what else Courting can pull out their sleeves that we didn’t know they had. 

Izzi Glover

@izziglover / @izzigloverphotography 

Image: ‘Throw’ Official Single Cover

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