Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Ellur's Whimsical New Track 'The Woman' Shines Light on All Sides of Being a Woman

Hailing from the small and unassuming British town of Halifax, indie-pop artist Ellur is anything but small and unassuming. 

Having already worked with and supported artists like The Big MoonHolly Humberstone, and Circa WavesKieran Shudall fairly early on in her musical venture, it's evident that Ellur is riding a wave of potential. 

Known for laying her heart on the line in the form of emotional pop ballads, her latest song 'The Woman' adds to her already flourishing discography and sheds light on all sides of being just that: the woman.

A gentle guitar melody is elevated by a heavier drum beat as Ellur's vocals drift onto the bars of the song. Her voice is like honey – gentle, flowing, and controlled, and soft lyrics like "Little kisses on my head / Stroke my shoulder / hold what's left" encapsulate the sweet but secret undertones of femineity, intimacy, and giving parts of you away to something else. This message is made a little clearer as Ellur explores her breathy falsetto before dropping back into her richer tones, singing: "Little movements in the dark / the calculated patriarch / Little fingers at my neck / there's a child / she wants revenge"

There is undoubtedly something beautiful about growing into a woman, but it would be naive to assume or pretend it doesn't have its biting consequences. Although it's just a couple of lines, Ellur's nod to the looming effects of the patriarchy and presence of her younger self that needs healing is one that many women will relate to. Being a woman shouldn't with consequences like oppression, vulnerability, and a wounded childhood, but it often does.

Ending the track with: "Cause I'm the woman / The ship you'll sink" could be seen an expression of defeat or acceptance, depending on which way the listener approaches it. One thing is for sure: women are connected by many things, and 'The Woman' tells a story of the sadder side of that connection.

Ellur will be supporting Brooke Combe at a couple of her sold-out shows this month. To find tickets for her other shows this year and into 2024, be sure to check out her website

Sasha Semjonova
Image: 'The Woman' Official Single Cover


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