Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Conan Gray Channels Kate Bush In Newest Single ‘Killing Me’

Conan Gray has continued to simultaneously excite listeners and hit them right in the heart with his latest slew of releases and this newest addition of the explosive and emotional 80's pop ballad ‘Killing Me’ is no different. 

Carrying on strong with the success of his new synth pop era, this latest release marks the third in a trio of deeply vulnerable and yet fun singles.

Opening on a classic slow piano ballad accompanied with deeper vocals than we are used to from the Texan singer, the song ascends and builds through the first verse and comes to a head changing tune from the melancholy solo piano to a funky and fun drum beat and synth spikes straight from the 80's. 

The song - produced by Max Martin -  with its drum machine beats, keyboard bass lines and dramatic synth spikes coupled with its story follows almost a cheesy hero VS villain battle. The chorus is filled with enough dramatic flair to paint a clear picture of this struggle without being too much and becoming cliche with Gray begging to be let go from the emotional torment their lover has put them through and fighting for their freedom. 

This song is like listening to all the best parts of ‘Holding Out For a Hero’ by Bonnie Tyler and Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ -  all eyes should be on Gray and the innovative revamping of classic 80's pop they have been achieving recently. 

Anna Jackson

Image: ‘Killing Me’ Official Single Cover

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