Thursday, November 23, 2023

Passenger and Ed Sheeran Collaborate to Inspire New Wisdoms in Old Tracks, Old Times And Old Feelings

Ten years can change a person a lot, as they gather new insights and experiences of the world as we know it. 

Taking this concept beautifully within his music, Passenger (also known as Mike Rosenburg) is re-releasing each track on his 2013 album ‘All The Little Lights’ and collaborating with other big names in the music industry simultaneously.

The reimagining of his hit single ‘Let Her Go’ is performed alongside long-time friend Ed Sheeran as the pair breathe a breath of revitalisation into it. 

Whilst the original single was a huge success, arguably propelling the artist’s career and proving him to be a timeless performer, this new sound is truly inspirational. Not only do we hear a sense of evolution in the vocals, but the tone of the recording as a whole entity grows to be softer and exceptionally intimate with his listeners. Subsequently, we are invited to stand by their sides within the music, to feel the vibrations of each instrument played and every syllable sung with our whole hearts. 

The guitar sounds intertwine with one another with such grace that there is a seamless transition between the two. Each plays with passion but delicacy, and as though they are one force against the rest of the world. We feel a sense of ecstasy in hearing this and so when the vocals harmonise towards the end of the track, a universal feeling of awe and contentment is created. 

The unique sounds of each voice become quieter, as the musical sounds of the guitars become more infrequent too, at the track’s ending. This uniquely crafted and iconic part of the original is preserved so well, but the initial recording of this gives a greater sense of longing and pain whilst this new version seems to embody acceptance and understanding more so. It’s a beautiful thing to listen to, an artist’s journey within their music, and the impact Ed Sheeran has had in Passenger’s personal life seeps through in this creation. 

The sense of remoulding in creating something so similar but so different is not a short task, but the journey of this particular artist allows us that comfort in knowing the re-imagining is something magical. Whether listeners are long-standing fans or new additions to the club, the track invites everyone into this world they create. 

Abby Price


Image: ‘All The Little Lights (Anniversary Edition)' Official Album Cover


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