Friday, November 10, 2023

Ashnikko Releases The Highly Anticipated ‘Halloweenie V: The Moss King’

Alt-pop queen Ashnikko has released their fifth installment in their series of yearly Halloween singles with ‘Halloweenie V: The Moss King’, this time inspired by all things Fae and fairy-like. 

Staying authentic to themselves with their uncensored, explicit, and outrageous lyrics that give Ashnikko her edge, the song sounds like an alt-rock siren song, enticing and calling out for listeners to bow down to her new character; The Moss King. 

The song opens on a distorted guitar riff and builds with bass and drums joining vocals, until it climaxes and turns to a rap cadence - a staple of Ashnikko and their style. The song has a catchy and steady drum beat throughout and is sprinkled with sections of eerie ghost-like whispers.

Compared to previous ‘Halloweenie’ releases, this song is unique in its melody and theme. It doesn’t follow the structure of previous songs such as last year's release, which sampled the melody from ‘Hall Of The Mountain King’ - perhaps foreshadowing the theme of this newest release - or ‘Halloweenie III: Seven Days’ which was a take on the classic Christmas Carol ‘Twelve Days Of Christmas’. 

This theme of all things weird, mystic and rooted in natural mythology isn’t new for Ashnikko, with their previous album ‘WEEDKILLER’ following themes of metamorphosis, fighting technology in favour of nature, and mystical creatures that come from old Celtic mythology such as fairies and Fae. It seems that this will be a spearhead for the next era of Ashnikko’s music, and they will be putting their own sinister ‘demidevil’ twist on these ideals. Listeners of alt-pop have already been enthralled by and fully embraced these themes with similar artists such as Melanie Martinez, who takes inspiration from similar themes of metamorphosis and mythology. 

Ashnikko is at the top of the alt-pop scene right now - and with the genre’s fans embracing all things weird, wild, and wonderful, it's sure to take an interesting twist in the near future. 

Anna Jackson

Image: ‘Halloweenie V: The Moss King’ Official Single Cover

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