Saturday, November 11, 2023

A Mess is ‘A Woman in Her Own Way’ on new single ‘Gender Traitor’

A Mess unleashes feminine ferocity with new single, ‘Gender Traitor’. Exploring the layered complexity that comes with being a woman in today’s society, Danish musician A Mess doesn’t hold back in expressing any of her anger caused by the constant hypocrisy, judgement, and double standards women face all too frequently.  The new single is anthemic and emboldened in its stance, perhaps because this is the only way the message can be received, “Don’t you know you’re stuck in a gender rigid plot”. 

Specifically, the single tackles how women can sometimes be the perpetrators in the scenario - the title alone ‘Gender Traitor’ implies a certain internalised misogyny that unfortunately still runs rife throughout society. 

Self-proclaimed ‘Riot Grrrl’ A Mess follows in the footsteps of other rock powerhouses such as Avril Lavigne, The Breeders, and Pussy Riot. This influence can certainly be heard in ‘Gender Traitor’ as the witty lyricism mirrors that of Lavigne’s writing style and, at the heart of it, is driven by unforgiving electric guitars and melodic earworms. The catchy vocal hook of the chorus is particularly memorable and as the vocal delivery itself is more direct rather than complex, this only further reinforces the overall message of the track. 

It’s no secret that women of all walks of life face prejudice or judgement in one way or another - whether that be regarding their aesthetic choices, careers, cultural choices, motherhood, or sexuality - but A Mess offers a grunge pop-punk anthem that should help cut through some of that noise. 

Rachel Feehan

@rachel_feehan @rachiefee

Image: ‘Gender Traitor’ Official Single Cover

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