Friday, November 10, 2023

Luna Keller Delights on 'Ocean Inside Of Me'

The Germany-based singer-songwriter, Luna Keller, has been making waves across Europe with her biggest project yet - which just so happens to be crowdfunded by her fans and local community. Set to be released next Summer (2024), her sophomore album 'Ocean Inside Of Me', is preceded by the impressively concocted title track.  

Synonymous with sonic tenderness, colourful soundscapes, and utterly delightful vocal performances, Keller's intimacy and honesty through her music has cemented her as one of the most exciting acts to appear in the last few years.

Where 'Ocean Inside Of Me' shines is through a delicate vocals (reminiscent of First Aid KitBirdy and up-and-comer Lauren Aquilina), that when paired with soothing instrumentation make for a wholly delightful, stripped-back and subtly euphoric soundscape. The track is an introspective reflection on loneliness and isolation, who's deeply emotive lyrics and tone-painting beg for relief and companionship ("When the ocean inside of me flooded my eyes"). Touching on mental health and depression, 'Ocean Inside of Me' is offered up as an escape for her listeners, with the comforting message that they're not alone.

Keller notes on her upcoming record; “These songs where there for me in my darkest moments, they gave my pain a place to go and saved my life. I hope that sharing them with the world canbe a comfort to others and let them know that they are not alone.”

To build anticipation for the full-length project, one new track will be unveiled each month in the build up to the final release.

Lana Williams


Image: 'Ocean Inside Of Me' Official Single Cover

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