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A Nod To 1990-something: The Perics Release The Britpop Inspired Album ‘Songs To Clean The House To’

Journey back to 1990-something with The Perics and experience Britpop at its finest in the brand new album, ‘Songs to Clean the House To.’ This album is a nostalgic, upbeat blend of retro-heavy instrumentals with modern elements, offering a delightful, feel-good listening encounter. 

The Perics, a Britpop group hailing from Liverpool, was established in 2020 by Matt Warren and Gee Nelson, both formerly of the band Animal Revolt.

The duo crossed paths on Instagram whilst engaging in discussions about music and their mutual love of the band Eels which brought them together and released their first single ‘Do You Really Care?’ featuring Gwen James. Since then, the pair have solidified their positions as adept musicians, delving into diverse musical nuances and continually challenging boundaries through their music.

Commencing the album with ‘Things Look Pretty Good,’ a tune that delves into the nuances of everyday life and romance. The song exudes a lively atmosphere with swift guitar riffs and the addition of synths to amplify the sense of positivity. It carries a hint of nostalgia reminiscent of The Smiths blended with the literal style of the lyricism of Blink 182, specifically ‘Dude Ranch’ meets ‘Enema of the State’ as shown in the lyrics “She said ‘I wanna marry you,’ because I know you love me too.” 

‘Things Look Pretty Good’ is not the only track influenced by Blink 182 and the American pop punk scene, The Perics delve once more into this Blink-inspired Britpop sound in the track ‘Mary Celeste,’ elevating the energy levels significantly while infusing an American-twang.

‘Circles’ features a unique, mechanised drumbeat that intertwines with raw and gritty guitar arrangements, harmonising seamlessly to create a jagged melody. The vocals bear a resemblance to Liam Gallagher and sear through the instruments and capture an authentic, modern Britpop essence throughout. 

‘Deadbeat Dad’ at its core has rock reverenced, evident in its guitar-centric melody adorned with remarkable riffs and rhythms. This is also similar to the track ‘Time’ where a powerful guitar rhythm is engaging and commendable showing heavy influence from The Kinks‘You Really Got Me.’ 

‘Come With Me’ begins with a distorted electric guitar that immediately grabs the listeners’ attention. It then shifts into a subdued and tranquil soundscape of acoustic guitars before gradually amplifying the distorted guitars once more, creating an epic surge of emotion to complement the introspective lyrics like “Don’t you believe in us? (you never believed in us). Well never be enough.”

‘Stop The World’ takes on a classic American pop punk of the late 90s sound, employing captivating guitar arrangements to craft an amazing song that exudes a feel-good sensation coupled with a rebellious ‘screw the world’ sentiment. In contrast, in the following track ‘Baga Dude,’ the band completely shift their sound, embracing an electronic tone and incorporating intense synth sounds that seamlessly merge with understated guitars. 

‘You’re Gone’takes on an acoustic grunge sound that is heavily influenced by Nirvana this shift once more shows the versatility of The Perics perfectly ending the album. ‘You’re Gone,’ adopts an acoustic grunge style that has a heavy influence by Nirvana and the acoustic version of ‘About a Girl’ crossed with ‘Heart-Shaped Box.’ This transition once again demonstrates The Perics’ versatility, providing the perfect conclusion to ‘Songs To Clean The Hosue To.’ 

Effectively evoking the 1990s era, The Perics immerse their audience in a blend of unique Britpop components, intriguingly intertwined with diverse genres, like classic rock, pop punk, and grunge. ‘Songs To Clean The House To’ offers a delightful listening experience, particularly appealing to those with a fondness for the music of the 90s. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Songs To Clean The House To’ Official Album Cover

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