Friday, November 03, 2023

Ronan Goron Is Back With The Majestic ‘Paisley’

Hailing from Winchester, but being based in Brighton, multi-instrumentalist Ronan Goron has been quietly building a steady portfolio of work since he started releasing music. With three EP’s and a number of project albums under his belt already, Goron is back with latest track ‘Paisley’.

The track opens as a melancholic voice is joined by summer-filled guitar and synth chords. Yet it’s Goron’s peculiar inflections, or often lack thereof, that really makes the listener's ears prick up. The rolling effect of his monotone vocal delivery combined with the shimmering synth lines gives the track a mysterious and weightless quality.

It’s nearly a full two minutes into the track before we get our first semblance of a chorus, but it’s here that the beauty of the lyrics come to life. “I watch the colour shifting with you / Where paisley patterns filled up the room / Fire burned the ground where you stand / Tell me that you’re happy and you’ll understand” earnestly croons Goron. It’s an abstract image the singer paints but one that only adds to the intrigue of the enigmatic song.

Paisley’ is a song of constant yet subtle change. No verse feels repetitive despite the run time being nearly six minutes, yet they all seem to share the same ethereal qualities. As the track builds into a crescendo, Goron can be heard proclaiming “I’d go back again, yeah, yeah!” With a song as complete as this, the listener should feel the same.

James Ogden

Image: ‘Paisley’ Official Single Cover

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