Saturday, November 04, 2023

Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends and ‘About Love’

Emerging from the band Redmoon, established the solo project Arn-identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends in summer 2020.

Since then, the project has sparked profound exploration across various themes through a blend of pop and rock anthems, mirroring the emotive essence seen in the second track from the comfort album ‘No Sweets For E,’ ‘About Love.’ 

The outfit's music is reminiscent of The Beatles, dipping into 'The Beatles For Sale' period, employing a mix of stylised guitars combined with distinctive lower-toned guitar acoustic strumming to create ethereal and buoyant melodies to add as the perfect framing for the comforting vocals. 

The pay off? A dreamy ambience that sets the stage for a seamless progression towards a grand crescendo and overall epic sound. This contrast represents two different themes of love and loss. Additionally, Arn incorporates subtle orchestral elements in the background to further enhance the texture of the music.

Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends displays his musical skill in ‘About Love’ by incorporating various elements, crafting a seemingly uncomplicated track. However, a closer look at the lyrics and attention to his performance unveils a highly intricate, emotive composition that resonates with many listeners.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘No Sweets For E.’ Official Album Cover

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