Sunday, November 12, 2023

Blissful Red Releases 'Front Street (Gone For Good)'

Blissful Red's most recent indie folk venture, 'Front Street (Gone For Good)' epitomises sonic authenticity and demonstrates the timeless and persistent influence of acts such as Belle & Sebastian

Hailing from the North of England, Blissful Red (the moniker of solo artist Tom Leaver) beautifully ties together idyllic vocals and lush melodies to weave hypnotic soundscapes - Blissful Red is a '90s musician at heart and this is overtly evident through his tracks.

Heavily reminiscent of Kurt Vile guitars and topped with vocals eerily akin to that of the 'Between The Bars' singer Elliott Smith'Front Street (Gone For Good)' boasts an impressive six minutes of soothing and lilty lo-fi that never lets up. Though a solo project at surface level, this track was aided by lent basslines from Andy Yeadon, and harmonics from his sister-in-law, Moray Nellis. 

Carrying a narrative oriented around "falling in love when you shouldn't" Red's emotion-drenched vocals propel the heartache and guilt being portrayed through poetic lyrics and delicately layered instruments. 

With an impressive discography that stretches back to his well-received debut release, 2021's 'The Xennials', the Peep Show inspired 'April & Mark', and now joined by the completely intoxicating 'Front Street (Gone For Good)' Blissful Red has more than aptly demonstrated his prowess as a rising indie artist.

Lana Williams


Image: 'Front Street (Gone For Good)' Official Single Cover

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