Tuesday, August 29, 2023

SOFT PLAY on Punk’s Dead: A Tale Of Mashed Up Punk Contradiction

The ultimate comeback song under the new pseudonym SOFT PLAY, the band formerly known as Slaves are back with ‘Punk’s Dead,’ a rapacious track that is sure to ignite ferocious punk energy deep within. 

SOFT PLAY is a British punk rock duo from Royal Tunbridge Wells and consists of members Isaac Holman, lead vocals, drums, trumpet and flute and Laurence ‘Laurie’ Vincent, backing vocals, guitar, bass guitar and keyboard. SOFT PLAY’s sound has British punk and garage-like riffs at the very heart of their music and is accompanied by a raucous blues undertone. 

‘Punk’s  Dead’ addresses haters and trolls and the backlash of negativity the duo received upon changing their name. What SOFT PLAY do so cleverly in ‘Punks Dead’ is they use the lyrics to take on the voices of the cynics directing their dismay towards the band. 

SOFT PLAY uses irony in ‘Punk’s Dead’ with the lyrical content aiming to discredit their status as a punk band as shown “Punk’s dead, pushing daisies/Come and get a load of these P.C babies” The contradiction as a rigorous, punk fuelled guitar riff roars, heavy with distortion and Holman’s aspirated singing follows all the elements of the punk genre. 

SOFT PLAY uses a montage of Sprechgesang vocals, having various voices taunt the band using actual quotes from their haters. This itself interestingly breaks up the song quite nicely, adding a pause from the riotous punk-fuelled instrumentals for a moment of reflection and appreciation. 

Robbie Williams is featured on the track and speaks the lyrics “This is bullshit and I just wanted you to know”. Williams takes on the persona of a punk gatekeeper and further adds to the irony of ‘Punk’s Dead’, as William is predominately a pop artist and not associated with the punk genre. 

SOFT PLAY’s ‘Punk’s Dead’ is the perfect track to mark a new era for the band and they have created a track that will be a true highlight to live shows and is without a doubt punk rock through and through.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Punks Dead’ Offical Single Cover

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