Monday, August 28, 2023

The Drums Release Punchy New Single ‘Isolette’

Known for their fast-paced, punchy tunes, The Drums’ latest single follows their tried and tested sonic formula, but delves down to a deeper place lyrically.

Despite being a rather short single (with a run time of just over two minutes and 30 seconds) ‘Isolette’ features snappy drums, fast bass lines, and zooming guitar riffs. 

Main vocalist Johnathan (Jonny) Pierce has previously touched on the fact he that he was a premature baby. He spent a portion of his time as a newborn in an isolette (also known as an incubator). 

This track focuses on this and dials into to the fact that Jonny still feels somewhat trapped in this state even now, as the chorus sings out: “Forgive me if I left / I’m just back in the isolette / You’ll find a better lover / ‘Cause I’m living in my isolette”. Despite the upbeat tone of the instrumentals, the lyrics paint a rather somber and isolating picture. 

The cut is slightly business as-usual sonically, with the vulnerable and introspective lyrical content taking the proverbial spotlight in this case. 

With The Drums’ next album only around the corner (the new album Jonny‘ will be released  on 13 October via the record label ‘ANTI-‘), it will be interesting to see if there is any further introspection to be had from the band from New York.

Dan Jones

Image: ‘IsoletteOfficial Single Cover 

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